Insurance Salesman Convicted of Tax Fraud for not Filing Accurate Tax Returns Since 1996

Terry DiMartino of Newington, CT was convicted of one count of corruptly interfering with the due administration of the internal revenue laws, two counts of filing false tax returns and five counts of willfully failing to file tax returns.

During DiMartion’s trial, evidence showed that although he was an insurance salesman, and earned millions of dollars in insurance commissions, he did not file accurate tax returns or pay the taxes owed. In 2007, DiMartino filed three false returns, including one requesting a fraudulent refund of over $14 million. He also set up nominee entities to conceal and divert his insurance commissions and hide his assets from the IRS.

It was shown at trial that DiMartino had not filed an accurate tax return since the 1996 tax year.

Sentencing has been set for July 2017.  DiMartino faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison for the charge of obstructing the IRS, three years in prison for each charge of filing false returns and one year for each count of failing to file his returns.  He also faces monetary penalties.

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