Interesting Facts From the IRS


  •  The IRS has instructions for employees on how to collect taxes after a nuclear war.
  •  According to the IRS Rules, hair donations to organizations such as Locks of Love are not tax deductible as hair is considered to be a bodypart and just like blood donations, they are not tax deductible.
  •   If you rob a bank, the IRS requires you to pay taxes on the stolen money.
  •   The lowest number ZIP code is 00501, which is for an IRS center in NY.
  •   There is an Atari 2600 game called Tax Avoiders and it was conceived by a former IRS Revenue Agent.
  •   The goodie or “swag” bags given to the guests at the Academy Awards are so expensive that the IRS categorizes them as taxable income.
  •   The IRS ranks higher than Comcast in terms of customer satisfaction.

Willie Nelson released an album in 1992 specifically to pay off his debts to the IRS, entitled, ‘The IRS Tapes:  Who’ll Buy My Memories?

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