Resolution Mill Puts Taxpayer Into Bad Deal

Have you ever heard those radio and TV spots promising a settlement on your back tax debt?  Well, they do not always tell you the full truth.  In our experience most of those “big companies” who spend thousands of dollars on each radio/TV advertisement, are not necessarily concerned about putting their customers into the best deal with the IRS.  We tend to find their business model is more so geared towards billing their customer as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and after getting paid, typically get the quickest and easiest deal they can with the IRS.  In other words, they do not represent their customers to the fullest extent and put them in the best possible position given their tax debt and financial circumstances.

This was the case with this client.  After paying one of the big companies $15,000 for their “services,” they insisted that his only option was a $9,000 per month installment agreement on his back tax debt.  If he didn’t agree they were going to close his case and let him deal with the IRS himself, even after he had paid them.  Yes, he could afford the $9k/mo, but he said to himself that “it just didn’t feel right.”  After contacting our firm, in our initial call, we determined that he was correct; the “big firm” was letting the IRS dictate the agreement as opposed to negotiating on his behalf.  The Net Results you ask?

Structured an installment agreement with the IRS for $2,445 per month;
Forced the “big company” to fully refund our client the $15k that he had paid them for their shoddy “representation”; and
Employed tax savings strategies that are saving the client over $15k per year in taxes.

If you are working with one of those “big companies” that blanket TV and Radio with advertisements and feel like they are just bilking you (hint – they probably are); your not getting great customer service; your talking to someone different every time you call; your case is dragging on forever and your not getting anywhere; you don’t think their giving you solid advice; or you just want another opinion, give our firm a call for a free consultation.

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