Bank Levy

The IRS Can Take Funds Out Of Your Bank Account. We Can Stop IRS Bank Levies.

The IRS has lots of power when collecting tax debts. The IRS can levy your bank account and take your money.

The IRS will not stop until it collects. Burying your head in the sand will only make it worse. Don’t wait until your bank account has been drained. Contact McCauley Law Offices, P.C., now.

Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our firm helps taxpayers throughout the country prevent IRS bank levies and safeguard their finances.

Are You At Risk Of Having Your Bank Account Levied By The IRS?

Before levying your bank account you will receive two notices from the IRS.

The first is a letter notifying you of your tax debt and demanding for payment. If you do nothing, you will receive a second letter notifying you of the IRS’s intent to levy. After you receive this second letter, you have 30 days to appeal. If you still don’t act the IRS will freeze your bank account on the 45th day.

Prevent a bank levy:

We act fast. Our lawyers will immediately take action to prevent the levy from occurring. While working on your case we will negotiate with the IRS. We are often able to secure offers in compromise or installment agreements and prevent levies from taking place.

Get your money back:

The IRS does not like to give money back. If your bank account has been frozen you are facing an uphill battle. You can have your funds released, but you’ll need experienced tax attorneys to help you do it.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we’ve had great success getting bank levies released. We can help you.

Do Not Wait. Contact McCauley Law Offices, P.C., Today.

If there is one message we leave you with it is this: do not wait. The best way to protect your finances is to act fast.

Getting us involved upfront will save you time, money and stress. Call us today at 610-388-4474 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.



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