Currently Not Collectible

What If You Cannot Afford To Pay Your Tax Liability?

You may owe the IRS, but if you cannot afford to pay both your taxes and your basic living expense, your account may be deemed Currently Not Collectible (CNC). Once you attain CNC status, the IRS will cease collection actions.

Determining your eligibility for CNC status will require a financial analysis of both you and any businesses you may own. We can work with you to review your income and expenses and decide whether you qualify.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility will depend on your unique financial situation and your current back-tax liability. If your allowable monthly expenses exceed your gross monthly income and your other assets are significantly less than your current balance with the IRS, you likely qualify for CNC status.

How Can We Help?

We handle the entire process for you. You provide us with your financial information, and we conduct the analysis and generate a report that we present to the IRS to demonstrate that a Currently Not Collectible determination is appropriate. We are the perfect firm to assist you because we have the financial literacy to assess your position and the legal experience to advocate to the IRS on your behalf.

If you do not qualify for CNC status, but still feel you cannot afford to pay your back-tax liability, you may still have other options.


Do not let the IRS force you into a payment agreement that you cannot afford. Contact our law office at 610-388-4474 to see how we can help you.