Innocent Spouse Relief

Get Relief From Your Spouse’s Tax Debts Through The Innocent Spouse Program

The IRS has one goal: to collect taxes. If your spouse made an error on your tax return — or purposely underestimated your tax liability — even without your knowledge, the IRS will hold you responsible.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we also have one goal: helping our clients find relief from tax debt. If you did not know that your spouse underreported your tax liability we will pursue innocent spouse relief on your behalf.

Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our attorneys have helped many individuals, nationwide, find tax relief through the innocent spouse program.

What Is Innocent Spouse Relief?

If your spouse or ex-spouse made improper or illegal representations on your joint tax return, you can be relieved from the resulting tax debt if you qualify for innocent spouse status. This means the IRS will agree not to pursue collections against you, and instead only attempt to collect the tax debt from your spouse/ex-spouse.

Be aware of the difference between innocent spouse relief, and injured spouse allocation.

How Do I Qualify For Innocent Spouse Status?

Obtaining innocent spouse status is no easy task. To get relief you must prove three things:

First, you filed a joint tax return with your spouse or ex-spouse

Second, you are divorced or separated, and have not lived with your spouse/ex-spouse for at least one year before filing a joint tax return

Third, you had no knowledge — nor did you have reason to know — that your spouse understated your tax liability

You also have to show that holding you responsible for the tax debt would be “inequitable” or unfair in the circumstances.

Get Relief From Tax Debt You Knew Nothing About

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we have helped many clients obtain innocent spouse relief. Our lawyers know how the IRS evaluates innocent spouse claims and how to position your claim in the best light possible. We also help clients avoid being held liable for their spouse’s tax debts.

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