Offshore and Foreign Bank Accounts

Offshore Bank Account and Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) Reporting

At McCauley Law Offices, our international tax practice is comprehensive, from tax planning—focusing on asset protection for outbound and inbound cross-border tax and legal transactions—to resolving existing issues with international tax shelters and offshore bank accounts. We will assist you to ensure that all transactions are compliant with U.S. tax laws, U.S. reporting requirements, foreign tax laws and reporting requirements, and applicable treaties.  If asset protection is important, we know the solutions.

The McCauley Law Offices offers privileged, confidential consultations to businesses and individuals to achieve tax efficiency and maintain legal tax compliance in their international ventures. If you are U.S. business or citizen who plans on doing business internationally contact our firm now for a consultation. If you are non-U.S. business or citizen planning to expand into the United States, please contact our skilled international tax attorneys about your U.S. tax and legal concerns.We can:

  1. International business: Establish new international business entities, structure overseas transactions, and maintain compliance with tax laws and trade regulations. We routinely handle mergers, acquisitions, spin offs, divestitures, and other transactions.
  2. IRS dispute representation: If you are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS, we can represent you and protect your interests in an IRS investigation.
    International business audits: Our law firm is uniquely positioned to handle complex audits involving transfer of pricing issues, controlled foreign corporations (CFC), international trust, and foreign partnerships.
  3. Voluntary disclosure: Resolve voluntary disclosure cases on behalf of U.S. citizens and residents with unreported foreign income, offshore bank accounts and other offshore holdings.
  4. Offshore Bank Accounts:  In the past decade, the IRS has acquired additional authority to issue a summons for information on offshore bank accounts and assets. If you have an offshore account or an offshore trust or structure and you are concerned that you are not in compliance with the IRS requirements, call us today.

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