Penalty Abatement

Have Your Tax Penalty Abated

Most people aren’t trying to evade taxes. They are honest, hardworking people who’ve experienced a financial hardship that leaves them unable to pay their tax debt. You shouldn’t be punished with harsh penalties because you’re struggling financially.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens. The moment the IRS determines you owe back taxes it will tack a penalty onto your debt. These penalties are not small amounts. They can often double the amount of the tax you owe.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our lawyers have helped many people throughout the country abate their IRS tax penalties and reduce their overall tax debts. We can help you too. Call our office today at 610-388-4474 for a free consultation.

Tax Penalties Can Be Staggering — We Can Help You Get Relief

Penalties are meant to punish and are supposed to be used in specific circumstances. The IRS is often too quick to assess a penalty and does so without looking at the circumstances surrounding the late tax payment.

You have the right to appeal a penalty. But you have to act fast. If you wait too long you will lose your right to appeal.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we begin by thoroughly analyzing your financial situation — including the reasons behind your tax debt. If a valid defense exists than we will appeal your penalty assessment and seek a refund of any penalty you’ve already paid.

Our attorneys are immersed in tax law — it’s all we do. We know how the IRS evaluates penalty abatement claims and we know what it takes to be successful. When it comes to IRS penalty abatements, we have a stellar track record. We can help you reduce your penalties and your overall tax debt.

You Can Get Relief From Tax Penalties, We Can Help. Contact Us Today.

The IRS is a powerful government agency. Make sure you have someone just as powerful on your side. Contact our law office today to schedule a free consultation and find out whether your penalties can be abated.


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